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About MV Amani

MV Amani since her launch in 2012 operates in Kampala, from Portbell. Port Bell is a small industrial centre in the greater metropolitan Kampala area, in Uganda. Port Bell has a rail link and a railroad ferry wharf used for International traffic across Lake Victoria to Tanzania and Kenya. MV Amani has brought a passenger presence to the port which had for ages settled down to handling of only freight.
Please contact us for price details.

1. Floating Cruise -(Minimum 3 hours)

Here you keep on the ferry. Enjoy your drinks, food and music entirely on board from pickup to drop-off.

2. Destination cruise

This is ideal for groups desiring to spend more time out. We transfer you to a close destination of your choice, drop you off and get you back on the ferry when you are ready to return later in the day.
Destinations include:

3. Full day use

Ideal and applicable for long trips like to Kalangala, Jinja.

Extra’s: Meals and beverages are tailored to our customer needs. Music and entertainment is also tailored per customer requests.

MV Amani - a Catamaran Passenger Vessel.

  • Length overall: 64’-8” (19.7m);
  • Power: 2 CAT 3406B (500 BHP)
  • Beam: 36’-2” (11m);
  • Max Speed: 20 kts (at full load)
  • Draft: 3’-5” (1.05m);
  • Cruise Speed: 18 kts (at full load)
  • Displacement: 70,000 lb (31751 kg);
  • Range: 20 hrs at cruise
  • Fuel Capacity: 1000 gal;
  • Passenger Capacity: 100
  • Water Capacity: Unlimited, renewable
  • Crew: 10 crew
  • 6Black Water Capacity
  • 400 gal Design Standards: IMO 2008 & USCG 46t

Additional Information

  • Life rafts
  • Life Jackets (150) and Kids (25)
  • Permanent Firefighting water line
  • Portable Fire extinquishers
  • Pyrotechnics: Flares (Hand held and Parachute), EPIRB
  • Lifebouys (2)
  • Bulwarks / Guard rails complete
  • Ramps for boarding
  • Seats for 1st and 2nd Class complete
  • Sun glare blinds to protect bridge instruments
  • Safety posters
  • Search lights (Fixed and portable ones)
  • Navigational Charts for Lake victoria
  • Manning list / Crew List (Interviewed Under verification by Ministry of Works Uganda)
  • Wash rooms (3)
  • Kiosks

On board MV Amani is modern state of the art Safety equipment; Radar, Echo Sounder and computerized satellite system that communicates between the ferry and the office and controls weight loading and chatted routes.