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Welcome To EarthWise Ferries

Introducing a new, safe, reliable, and fast passenger ferry service on Lake Victoria

EarthWise Ferries was created to restore East African infrastructure through private investment, creating profitable businesses using free market principles. It is through this focus on maximizing the health of the business that EarthWise will sustainably create jobs and opportunities by opening up economic channels and boosting local economies, thereby improving the individual lives and livelihood of the poor and vulnerable throughout the East African community...


We now run two high-tech catamaran fast speed fibre glass vessels on LakeVictoria. MV Amani operates in Kampala from Portbell while MV Bluebird based in Tanzania operates between  Mwanza North Port and Bukoba Port.



MV amani Port Bell - Earthwise Ferries Uganda

MV Amani since her launch in 2012 operates in Kampala, from Portbell. Port Bell is a small industrial centre in the greater metropolitan Kampala area, in Uganda. Port Bell has a rail link and a railroad ferry wharf used for International traffic across Lake Victoria to Tanzania and Kenya.
MV Amani has brought a passenger presence to the port which had for ages settled down to handling of only freight...


Download and  Print a copy of the contract, fill the required information and deliver the document to Earthwise Ferries Office When Making a Payment.

Uganda, Kampala, PortBell , Luzira


MV Blue Bird Mwanza - Earthwise Ferries Uganda

MV BlueBird IS NOW OPERATING ; We are however not sailing to BUKOBA for now,We are sailing between MWANZA North Port And NANSIO in UKEREWE.....THANK YOU!...

MV Bluebird based in Tanzania operates between Mwanza North Port and Bukoba Port. She runs between the two ports in 4 hours! Mwanza and Bukoba are two thriving cities on Lake Victoria on the Tanzanian side.
Mwanza is a port city on the shore of Lake Victoria, in northern Tanzania. It's ringed by green hills. They city is known for unusual rock formations like Bismarck Rock, near the North Port....

Tanzania, Mwanza North Port, Bukoba Port



We are however not sailing to Bukoba for now,

We are sailing between MWANZA NORTH PORT And NANSIO in UKEREWE.....


MV Bluebird, Tanzania