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EarthWise Ferries is proud to present a NEW, SAFE, FAST, and COMFORTABLE way to travel to destinations around Lake Victoria

Safety First!

EarthWise Ferries' first priority is the safety of our passengers and crew! To that end,  every  trip  will have a Licensed Captain and crew, well trained to offer quality service to our valued passengers

All vessels in service are outfitted  with state-of-the-art GPS navigational systems and sophisticated communication equipment, to keep the vessel on-course and aware of all issues relevant to the passengers, crew, and vessel. Each vessel is also equipped with fire suppression  equipment in both engine rooms, adult and children’s life jackets, emergency flares and beacons, life rings and life rafts.


Twin 550 hp caterpillar diesel engines power this lightweight catamaran-style ferry over the water at approximately 18 knots an hour, allowing our passengers to ride quickly and comfortably to their chosen destination.


The ferry is split into two levels.  The economy level provides comfortable, high-backed seating with floor and ceiling storage for the carry-on luggage of 125 passengers.  This main deck has two restrooms, and a food and beverage kiosk for our passenger’s pleasure.

The first class level provides spacious seating and luggage storage for 20 passengers.  A restroom and a food and beverage kiosk are on this deck as well.


The official ribbon-cutting ceremony for MV Amani will be on 28 May, 2011.


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